Know Who We Are

About our company

Talbeena Foods SMC Pvt. Ltd is a large scale industry, working in the market from previous 10 years.

Our core values guide the choices and decisions our employees make every day. We put our customer at the center what we do. We are providing Natural and Nabvi foods at a very suitable price, quantity and quality is better than our competitors. Our group of industries is working in the market from more than 12 years. ISHA herbal balance dietary private limited (parent company of Talbeena) has introduced more than 60 different products in the market in previous years successfully. ISHA industries has successfully launched more than 24 products in the market which includes Oil 4, Isha herbal oil, Isha herbal shampoo, hair tonic, beauty creams and many more.

TALBEENA Foods industry is working in the market to introduce natural and Nabvi foods, till now we have launched more than 12 products and others are coming soon. The one of the important product is Talbeena kheer mix. We are in the food production line of business to supply Nabvi foods in all over the world. We are going to do all that is permitted by the law in the Pakistan to achieve our business goals and objectives.

We are aware that there are large and small scale food industries scattered all over the Pakistan which is why we spent time and resources to conduct our feasibility studies and market survey so as to enable us locate the business in an area that will support the growth of the business and also for us to be able offer much more than our competitors will be offering.