Talbeena Kheer Mix invigorates the body and brain. It can make the body healthy. It is an excellent food product for physically weak people. It is a great source to get vitamins and iron. It is useful in cholic acid diseases. It can produce semon and fresh blood. It invigorates the stomach, liver and sexual organs. It can prevent from heart and phlegmy diseases. Talbeena kheer mix creates freshness and also useful for weak eyesight. It is effective for pregnant women & baby feeding mothers. It can make the skin fresh and fair. By using Talbeena Kheer Mix hair will be strong and shiny. Ingredients, present in Talbeena Kheer are antioxidants that prevent from many diseases.


  • Mix it 2 table spoon in a hot glass of milk & take it before to go to sleep.
  • It can be used as a milk shake.
  • Talbeena can be taken as a powdered form also.
  • It can be added in children’s food for nourishment in little quantity.
  • To get best result, mix 3 table spoon of Talbeena in 1 glass of milk, cook it for 10 minutes then take and honey can be added according to taste.
  • Talbeena Kheer Mix can be used in breakfast.


Approx. 330 gm.