Talbeena Kheer Mix is a complete diet for kids that is full of energy, vitamins and minerals. It is a source of getting vitamin C. It is essential for health and high accretion. It prevents from cold and phlegmy diseases. It can strengthen the bones and useful for mental development.


  • Mix it 2 table spoon in a hot glass of milk & take it before to go to sleep.
  • It can be used as a milk shake.
  • Talbeena can be taken as a powdered form also.
  • It can be added in children’s food for nourishment in little quantity.
  • To get best result, mix 3 table spoon of Talbeena in 1 glass of milk, cook it for 10 minutes then take and honey can be added according to taste.
  • Talbeena Kheer Mix can be used in breakfast.


Approx. 330 gm.